About Us

Vivi Perfumes is a vibrant, fresh and exciting new fragrance brand, just like you!  Our incredible unique fragrance reflects the type of person you are, vivacious, young, sassy and confident.  Our first perfume, Strawberry Kisses, is an uplifting scent with its unique aromatic fruity note, it's bright and breezy, fun and softly feminine. Wearing Vivi Perfume will make you feel chic and cheerful all at the same time.

Vivi For Your Personality!

Vivi Perfumes was developed because it was felt that there was nothing similar or suitable for today’s young woman.  You are more than extraordinary and effervescent and Vivi Perfumes are exactly what you’re looking for in a perfume.  They match your spirited personality and help it really shine through.

Seriously Stylish

Vivi Perfumes are seriously stylish so you’ll want to show them off.  There’s nothing prettier than a great looking, colourful, fruity bottle sitting on your dressing table or as part of your collection.  We think our designs really stand out from the crowd. After all, who wants to follow a crowd when you can lead?

A Fragrant Story

Vivi Perfumes was founded by two very good friends, Vivian and Ankit.

Vivian always harboured a passion for all things fragrant. From antique perfumes, modern-day aromatherapy fragrances to gender-neutral scents (and everything in-between!). With a background in fashion design and art, she really understands beautiful design and what today’s modern girl wants. Ankit has a background in finance and along with a really creative streak. It was important to him to use his creativity while working with his other interests, technology and retail to create the brand.

Trying out different scents began as a hobby for Vivian and it became obvious to both that there wasn’t anything aimed at younger women. There was nothing available that younger women and older girls could really relate to, it was time for re-invention. Inspired, they decided to create something that young women couldn’t wait to wear, something that was especially for that first perfume experience, that was fun, fabulous and that really reflected sparkling personality and celebrated youth!

The thought process was to develop a collection that wasn’t too overpowering and was youthful with a sweetness that didn’t overwhelm the senses. It has also been really important to develop perfumes that were cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Spurred on by the possibility of building something completely different and that ticked all the boxes for a younger, modern girl Vivi Perfumes was born.